But first, in the few months since Cake Monster launched, the revolutionary Gravity Vault has amassed over 30,000 CAKE! This would not have been possible without our amazing Monster community. We thank you all for your incredible support over the past few months and are proud to have you join us on this journey that has just begun! 💙

Yeah Baby, we did it! 🚀

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived!

A few days ago, the entire Gravity Vault has been staked for the first time in the manual PancakeSwap Syrup Pool, which now rewards consistent CAKE at every single block (Stage…

Today we are excited to announce the upcoming launch and release of Cake Monster — the world’s first $CAKE-backed DeFi protocol, which will be available on PancakeSwap, the #1 AMM on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In the coming days, we will share a sweet tokenomic recipe that implements a fully automated and elastic monetary policy that is both deflationary and inflationary.

The Cake Monster protocol will be able to reward early as well as late entrants without the need to reduce such things as block emission rates, heavily dilute supply or risk an imploding ecosystem due to exclusively and unbalanced…


We are happy to announce that we have implemented the first Cake Monster community proposal, which was voted on by our great Cake Monster community. We have also made some optimizations in other areas to optimize the reward flow and can give you a little tease of what's next (very soon).

New Auto-Cashout Policy

The majority voted for an updated policy on our smart contract which changes the original parameters of the Auto-Cashout function.

You may already know that we bake up sweet, cute, Cake Monster ($MONSTA) NFT goodness, but we do have our limits…

That’s because we’re only cooking up 3k NFT’s!

So why don’t we make enough to share?

Keeping a cap on our NFT’s ensures the maximum rewards and exclusive access to our ACTIVE community.

Because not everyone can get their hands on an NFT means your participation is oh-so-handsomely rewarded. 🍰

Keeping Cake Monster NFTs rare will produce a booming secondary NFT market. That means a sweeter deal for all of you $MONSTA-holders, making your investment even more rare, valuable, and all-around yummy.

Top $MONSTA holders get to…

WOOHOO! We marked the first milestone in a long and creative process of finding the best ways to utilize digital monster art and combine it with the expanding gamification aspects of our cute Cake Monster!

We’ve been working hard baking up some yummy goodness for this HUGE upcoming NFT Limited Edition drop! But don’t be mis-caken; they’re not just beautiful pieces of digital monster art…

We’re bringing you exclusive new upgrades plus a BONUS feature that will have you oozing with creamy goodness:

  • Kitchen Management Status Upgrade
  • Auto Cash Out Status Upgrade


  • A ONE OF A KIND BONUS exclusively…

Ok, ok.. it’s a day and a half late. The protocol is actually 16 days old (not 14), but who’s counting!?

So much progress has been made this last week it’s hard to keep track of it all, and especially hard to keep track of the days. To be perfectly frank, the lateness of this article is essentially a fault of time itself :P.

Anyways, on to the juicy stuff…


Bingo Bingo Bingo!

  • The Bingo App is almost complete! This is going to be a game changer. It allows bingo cards to be generated by the click of a button and stored on-chain…

What a whirlwind of a week.

The launch last Saturday was incredible. It went super smooth, our anti-bot measures worked to perfection, and the smart contracts were faultless thanks to the thorough and impeccable testing beforehand.

To date, the protocol has already collected more than 14,000 $CAKE for our Gravity Vault. This makes it a top holder of $CAKE in the first week! Imagine where we’ll be in a few months time.

The presale was great too. Our community whitelisting generated a lot of interest with over 5000 people signing up. Our partnership with Starter was excellent as well. …


We are pleased to announce that our token smart contract has passed the first security audit. Yay!

Cake Monster’s Smart contract was audited by Solidity Finance, a reputable audit firm with over 300+ audits.

We are committed to ensure the maximum possible security for all our Monsters and this is why it was important to us to get our first smart contract security audit done before we launch.

To take things further, and to add an additional layer of security, we will have a second security audit after launch by another credible and well known blockchain company!


No security issues…

Hey Monster Squad!

What a crazy last few days we’ve had. The public response to the project has been incredible and we’re so happy with how the community is shaping up.

As of today we are counting more than 3000 Telegram Monsters and almost 3000 Twitter Monsters, just 1 week after Cake Monster came to life!

Thank you all for your incredible support and contributions so far, you are amazing! Together we’re going to make this the most explosive and successful project on BSC. This is something truly special we have here.

Rescheduled Presale & Launch

After talking to our advisors, partners, legal, and others, we have…

Today we present you a preliminary version of our roadmap planned so far. We will review further additions and timelines in the days leading up to launch and adjust this as appropriate, as well as present a visualized version of our roadmap that will be available on our website and other media. This version is subject to change.

Ongoing or Completed Tasks

  • Set up of Media Channels (Reddit, TikTok, Medium, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Github etc.)
  • Launch “Coming Soon” Website
  • Write Documentation & first Medium Articles
  • Strategic planning, recruiting, and educating of the growing Team
  • Partner with trusted professional Marketers, Media and High Profile…

Cake Monster

A hyper-deflationary and elastic supply token that has unique reserve and reward mechanisms featuring an automated hybrid monetary policy.

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