The Mafia Army Wants YOU!

Since the early days of Cake Monster, the Monsta Mafia have dutifully spread the word of our beloved $CAKE eating #TheBeastOfBSC to the masses on Twitter and other social platforms. Thanks to their efforts we’ve ranked in some of the top categories for Meme coins based on our social activity! 👏

As we continue to battle it out for the top spot, the time has come for us to dominate and expand our reach even further!

We’re excited to announce the introduction of the Monsta Mafia Army. The Mafia Army is a new Discord server where anyone willing to spend their time spreading their love of Cake Monster will be compensated for doing so!

How it Works

  1. Join the new Cake Monster Mafia Army server on Discord
  2. Register for the social platforms you want to complete tasks on
  3. Complete requirements for any posted jobs to be able to claim payment

Initially jobs will be limited to the Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms, with additional channels opening up for streaming platforms and high impact promo’s in the near future.

There is no limit on the number of platforms you’re able to register for as long as your account(s) meet the minimum requirements mentioned during registration. Once registered for a platform, you’re able to complete as many or as few tasks as you desire. Available compensation for each task will be posted along with the task requirements.

The total amount you can earn will be entirely dependent on the amount of time and effort you dedicate to completing tasks! High performance members will also be eligible for additional activity based bonuses as well! Further details will be made available in the Discord.


Compensation for completed tasks will be made through the Discord server via a tipping bot. The process is free, secure, easy to use, and will allow users instant deposits and withdrawals. More information about the payment process will be outlined in the Discord server along with posted tasks.

Join Now

Additional announcements and information regarding the first tasks will be made available in the upcoming days. Join the Mafia Army server and register for your selected social media platforms now, and you’ll be notified when the first tasks go live!

👉 Mafia Army Discord Server 👈

About Cake Monster

Cake Monster ($MONSTA) offers a multitude of great features aimed at building a flexible, multifaceted, and automated dividend yield and reward system for participants without compromising the sustainability or security of the protocol ecosystem, and combines this with smart design, creativity, and organic growth, resulting in a very vibrant and engaged community.

Website | Twitter | Telegram Community | Telegram News | Reddit | Documentation

About Monsta Party

With Monsta Party NFTs you will earn Party XP (PXP), level up your own algorithmically generated NFTs and compete with others for the hottest spots on the dance floor as you climb the leaderboards to earn the sweetest buffet rewards! With over a million possible combinations, the Monsta Party NFT collection includes 150+ custom properties (e.g. headpieces, glasses, hairstyles, accessories, clothing, etc.), 20+ super rare NFTs and about 10 animated deluxe traits!

Everything is handmade and designed with crazy love by our incredibly talented Monsta designers! What is a great Monsta Party without fresh and funky looking Monsta’s!

Website | Twitter | Discord Community



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