Rob a Monsta (RaM) has arrived!


  • Higher probability (boost) of succeeding in the robbery.
  • Ability to participate in robberies up to TWO TIMES per day (12hr cooldown versus 24hrs for <10k PXP)

Gameplay Example

  • Party Monsta #1 is inactive and has been accruing MONSTA dividends.
    Inactive” is defined as a Party Monsta that has not been fed for 10 days that cannot claim dividends!
  • An active Gen-0 Party Monsta (fed in the last 12 hours) goes to the Rarity screen in the Monsta Party App and hunts to find the inactive Party Monsta #1.
  • They select Party Monsta #1 and click the “Rob” button, they see that it is inactive and is eligible for a robbery, and decide to attempt the robbery.
  • The robbery is initiated and a notification is sent to Telegram alerting users that a robbery is underway.
  • There is a 15 minute window in which another Gen-0 Party Monsta can also join and participate in the robbery. (There is no limit on the number of Robbers that can join/participate in an active robbery and you can join a Robbery with more than one eligible Party Monsta from the same wallet if you wish.)
  • No other robberies can take place while one is already happening. Once a robbery ends, another can begin.
  • Each Party Monsta is given a probability of succeeding in the robbery relative to their PXP. For example: Robber #1 has 10,000 PXP, Robber #2 has 5,000 PXP. This gives a probability of 0.67 vs 0.33 for Robber #1 vs Robber #2, respectively.
  • The robber who succeeds takes 50% of the entire pending $MONSTA dividend balance. The other 50% is burned 🔥🔥
  • The robber also takes ALL pending Daily PXP that the victim has accrued.
  • For active Gen-0s, only one robbery can be attempted in a 24 hour period.
  • For Gen-0s with more than 10,000 PXP, two robberies can be attempted in a 24 hour period (with a 12 hour cooldown between robberies)
  • Only Gen-0’s are eligible to partake in robberies

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