Monsta Party —P2E Game Mechanics

Today we finally want to give you some deeper insights into the game mechanics of the Monsta Party and how everything will be interconnected.

Where can you mint? How do you earn PXP and other rewards? What about rarity and Level Ups? Did someone say dividends?

Well.. Check out this article to get an idea of what we have to offer and where the journey is headed! 🚀

Minting ⛏️

November 9, 19:00 UTC is the launch. Watch this historically significant NFT space launch in a live stream on YouTube… and at the end of it the great Monsta Party NFT minting begins!

Find more info about the space launch and minting prices here.

You will be able to mint up to 5 Monsta Party NFTs per wallet on the Monsta Party dashboard. Your future NFT rarity properties will be randomly and provably assigned by Chainlink VRF. This ensures a fair game for all, with true on-chain randomness and a NO for malicious intent!

Be sure to get whitelisted via holding and activating our Diamond Claw NFTs, or, for a chance to get on the public whitelist, join our Discord. Everyone else will have a chance to mint NFTs after whitelisted users.

Get more info in our communities at Telegram and Discord!

After minting, you will get access to the party dashboard to familiarize yourself with the initial features and get ready for the PARTY! This is a new dapp that will be made public on the Monsta Party website on launch.

Hatching 🥚

After minting your NFT, you will first receive a Gen-0 Egg!

Randomly, within the following 5 days, your Gen-0 Egg will automatically hatch into a Gen-0 Party Monsta and will automatically start to receive daily Party XP (PXP) and your Party Monsta will start to grow. So keep a watchful eye over your Eggs for when they hatch!

From that moment on, every Party Monsta will be partying for the highest ranks in the leaderboards, the most special perks, and the highest $MONSTA rewards possible! And they’ll do it all in style! ✨

Note: Once all Eggs have hatched they will be tradable on an NFT marketplace.

The rarest Monsta Party NFTs have animated traits, animated backgrounds, and legendary outfits. Super Rare NFTs are entirely custom made and will have a very special charm and unique value!

The color of the eggshell you’ve been assigned will give you an indication of the rarity of your soon-to-hatch Party Monsta NFT. This will help you determine if you got lucky and minted a Gen-0 Egg with high rarity, or if you should take your chances again and mint another with a higher rarity!

Gold: Within the rarest 1–2000 Party Monstas (least common).
🌸 Pink: Within the rarest 2001–4000 Party Monstas.
❤️ Red: Within the rarest 4001–6000 Party Monstas.
😈 Purple: Within the rarest 6001–8000 Party Monstas.
🔷 Blue: Within the rarest 8001–10000 Party Monstas (most common).

If you have this Egg, you have a very common Party Monsta

Party Experience Points (PXP) 💃

Everyone must feed their NFT once before they can start claiming.

Every NFT owner earns a certain amount of PXP every day. There will also be more opportunities to earn free PXP through certain fun activities, such as mini-games, quests, contests, etc.

All Gen-0 Party Monstas earn 5 free PXP per day. If you don’t feed your Party Monsta for 10 days, you stop earning free daily PXP. Feed your Monsta again to activate the daily PXP.

A Party Monsta needs consistent feeding if it wants to stay on top of the food chain and keep its party energy up! Feeding allows you to earn additional PXP for a small amount of BNB to reach the high ranks of the leaderboards faster, and reap the most $MONSTA rewards possible.

A timer in the dapp tells you when feeding can be done, so you better keep an eye out! 👀

Can feed 10 times per day. PXP from feeding is random within a specified range. Minimum 10,000 PXP needed to mint Gen-1 egg.

  • Snack (0.005 BNB): Between 6–10 PXP randomly given.
  • Feast (0.035 BNB): Between 26–40 PXP randomly given.
  • Caviar (1 BNB): 690 PXP. Can only be fed/purchased once per week

Can feed 8 times per day. PXP from feeding is random within a specified range.

More details on higher Gen-levels will follow later..

If you only feed “Snacks” to your Gen-0 Monsta, you will need approx. 1000 feeds and 160 days to reach the next Gen-level (no daily free PXP in math).

This would be an investment of around 5 BNB ($3000) per NFT. If 10,000 NFT holders do the same… This would translate to a total feed investment of 50,000 BNB ($30M) only for Gen-0. That all flows back into the $MONSTA ecosystem by buying $MONSTA to share with all Monsta Party NFT holders!

If you only feed “Feasts” to your Gen-0 Monsta, you will need approx. 250 feeds and 40 days to reach the next Gen-level.

This would be an investment of around 9 BNB ($5500) per NFT. If 10,000 NFT holders do the same…This would translate to a total feed investment of 90,000 BNB ($55M).

If you decide not to feed your Monsta, you will be able to earn PXP by participation in minigames, quests, contests etc.

Once your Gen-0 NFT has reached 10,000 PXP, you can Level Up! At this point you will lay a new Gen1-Egg, which hatches into an even more special Gen1-Party Monsta.

The higher your NFT Gen-level is, the more $MONSTA rewards you earn and the more cool stuff you unlock for your party! The more experienced your Monsta gets, the more challenging it becomes to keep climbin’ those ranks and levelling up!

Note: All PXP earned are tied to the NFT! So every PXP your NFT earns increases its value, as dividends are paid out depending on the number of PXP your NFT has.

Feed your Party Monsta consecutively throughout the day, and receive daily bonus PXP and a superior random PXP ratio for food chains!

More on this later…

Unlocks (Gen-0) 🔓

At certain Gen-0 PXP milestones, you will unlock different egg-citing benefits.

  • 1000 PXP: A generic 48 pixel Party Monsta playable character. Use this to roam around the ProjectOasis Metaverse and spread the good party vibes!
  • 5000 PXP: Custom 48 pixel Party Monsta playable character that exactly represents your randomly generated Monsta Party NFT! Use this to roam around the ProjectOasis Metaverse and show off! You are special and experienced, and everyone should know that!
  • 10000 PXP: The first Party Monsta to reach 10,000 PXP is crowned Party King.. and receives a special custom NFT. CLOUT.
  • 10000 PXP: Party Monstas that reach 10,000 PXP enter the interview process to get a seat at the Board of Directors on the Monsta Party DAO. 100 Monstas max. More on the DAO later.

At higher Gen-levels the difficulty will rise! This means a higher PXP cap to reach the next Gen-levels, but also new egg-citing milestones to unlock even more valuable benefits!

There are many other unlocks to come, which will be revealed in time. The majority of planned unlocks are related accessories/quests/characters/items for you to use in any of the metaverses that we integrate with…

Dividends 💰

Every time a Monsta Party NFT is fed, the BNB earnings from that feed are used to buy $MONSTA and are divided among all NFT holders. The amount of dividend you receive is proportional to your PXP and Gen-level. The higher your PXP/Gen-level, the higher your dividend share!

Additionally, every time an NFT is traded on an NFT marketplace, a portion of the applied royalties (approximately 5%) is used to purchase and distribute $MONSTA dividends to Monsta Party NFT holders! So the higher the price floor gets for our sweet Party Monsta NFTs, the more buying pressure is put on $MONSTA and the more value can be distributed to you.

ProjectOasis Metaverse ⚔️

As you know, we have partnered with ProjectOasis to expand our reach and opportunities with Monsta Party. The OASIS Metaverse will constantly give you the opportunity to earn additional PXP for completing Monsta themed quests/questlines and winning at integrated minigames.

As mentioned earlier, at 1000 PXP you’ll be able to visit the Oasis Metaverse with a generic Monsta Party playable character. At 5000 PXP, you’ll be able to visit the Oasis Metaverse with your own 2D-generated playable character that looks just like the Monsta from your NFT!

Your NFT and your crypto wallet will grow through participation with the OASIS metaverse! So… let’s PARTY together!

For the VAULT! 🌌

Monsta Party NFTs are designed to be engaging and fun for everyone! We always want to provide high quality for our users and this is another thing we’ve delivered that hits the mark!

Thanks to the strong synergy with the Cake Monster protocol, every single holder of $MONSTA and Monsta Party NFTs will feel this powerful connection, as the game adds a new high potential layer to the $MONSTA token economics, which ignites every single part of its already successful mechanics.

The minting proceeds, the NFT feedings, and even NFT sells will help to add constant buy and burn pressure on $MONSTA. It will also help to fill THE VAULT with $CAKE, and increase the liquidity pool! This will raise the price floor further and increase all holder’s rewards in every aspect of the protocol.

Crumbs, Diamond Claw NFT Dividends and Staking Rewards, Kitchen Rewards, Auto-Cashout Rewards and especially each holder’s $CAKE Slice from the Vault will increase rapidly. 👨‍🚀

About Cake Monster

Cake Monster ($MONSTA) offers a multitude of great features aimed at building a flexible, multifaceted, and automated dividend yield and reward system for participants without compromising the sustainability or security of the protocol ecosystem, and combines this with smart design, creativity, and organic growth, resulting in a very vibrant and engaged community.

Learn more about Cake Monster by visiting or read the documentation at

About Monsta Party

Monsta Party NFTs are a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated P2E avatars running on the Binance Smart Chain. With over 150 attributes, each NFT features premium custom drawn artwork that players interact with and “feed” to earn PXP (Party Experience Points) and earn passive $MONSTA dividends. As Party Monstas earn PXP, they level-up, increasing the amount of $MONSTA that is awarded to players.

Learn more about Monsta Party by visiting our Discord community!



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